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iContro G6- Financial Services Management

Financial services firms face aggressive data growth, evolving regulations, increased competition, and fluctuating customer demands.

iContro G6 - Financial Services Management

In the financial markets—securities and capital markets, investment management, and brokerage and wealth management—you must synthesize and comprehend large, fast-moving data sets to make the right decisions, right now.


As a business operating in the modern global marketplace, the tracking and reporting of your financial transactions are subject to increased legal and managerial requirements – often with complex regulatory implications. To ensure that your books are complete and accurate, you can trust iContro’s proven General Ledger solution.

You can achieve comprehensive account visibility across multiple companies and divisions, as well as an unlimited number of currencies and reporting calendars.

And with iContro’s powerful query tools, you can leverage stored financial, statistical, and budgetary information to create meaningful summaries, comparisons and reports.
  • Robust journal capabilities
  • Comprehensive budgeting
  • Customizable allocations
  • Customizable reports
  • Interactive queries
  • Automatic creation from prior years’ financial or statistical data. 
  • Multiple budgets may be defined, e.g., original, revised, rolling, etc.
  • Mass creation for rapid generation of budgets.


Accounts Payable module is a sophisticated and internationally proven creditor management system, equipping you with a highly efficient, easy-to-use method. Accounts Payable embraces cash management forecasting, employee expense and advance handling, electronic payment capability, built-in invoice logging, tracking and authorization procedures.
  • Comprehensive invoice management.
  • Maximize cash flow.
  • The ability to define an unlimited number of currencies and daily or periodic conversion rates.
  • Automatic conversion rate adjustment to meet specific currency formats.
  • Simultaneous posting in multiple currencies, at transaction level, using spot or daily rates.
  • The ability to make payments in any user-defined currency regardless of the invoice currency.


As businesses become more capital intensive and technological advances shorten asset life, managers need quick access to accurate and comprehensive asset information. For example, the ability to report actual and budgetary information on a variety of valuation bases, coupled with a choice of depreciation methods, is paramount for effective decision making.
  • User-defined second asset ID format, typically used to record transitory information, such as department, location, warehouse, etc.
  • Serial, model and registration number and descriptions recorded.
  • Leased assets categories.
  • Non-depreciating and intangible asset details may be recorded. 
  • Asset enhancements are automatically tracked and depreciated over the residual asset life. 
  • Construction-in-progress tracking and accumulation of costs so that project costs may be entered, and depreciated over the residual asset life or later, when capitalized and consolidated.
  • Automatic departmental allocation of depreciation expense.


Cash and bank management processes enable management to easily obtain the financial information required to track bank accounts. iContro allows you to track payments and deposits efficiently, resulting in reduced operational costs.
  • Payment types supported include checks, bills of exchange, promissory notes, letters of guarantee and letters of credit.
  • As needed, reconciliation of the recorded transaction to the company’s bank statements can be done on as frequent a basis as required.
  • Throughout the processes, a complete history is maintained. This includes an accurate, comprehensive audit trail between the Cash and bank management documents and their corresponding General Ledger entries. Reports, such as payment and deposit summaries, can be generated, and up
Corporate Performance (CF):

Corporate performance management involved with monitoring and managing an organization's performance, according to key performance indicators (KPIs) such as revenue, return on investment (ROI), overhead, and operational costs. 

Commission and Incentive (CI):

iContro Commission & Incentive calculate not only based on sales but even based on Collections, the deductions can be done on the incentives can be done on the aging also. 

Legal Management (LM):

Legal Management help to maintain and Monitor the receivables based court cases, they can monitor Guarantor details, event chronology, hearing chronology and many things.

Financial Report Writer(FR):

The Financial Report Writer helps to design the statement of account, balance sheet, General Financials based on multi companies under the group, based on different cost center etc.


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