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ERP G6 Helps Manufacturers to Eliminate Waste Costs

Led by the desired needs of the today's users, ERP G6 delivers the flexibility, traceability and agility needed to support all the decision making.”

iContro ERP G6 is designed and developed to fit with the needs and requirements of all Switchboard, Electrical and Electronics manufacturers across the market. This software is fully integrated and can use to all medical devices, cabling, wiring and equipment manufacturing companies.

Streamline Your Operations with iContro ERP G6 Switchboard and Electronic Management Solution (Finance, Distribution and Manufacturing) to;
Become more efficient Product Lifecycle Management Ensure production quality with product traceability and Engineering Change ControlStreamline quoting, planning and schedulingImprove forecasting and optimize inventory turnoverManaged wastage and turns into profit

       Key Features of iContro ERP G6; ØShop Floor Control ØForecasting and Demand Planning ØWork in process management ØQuoting and cost estimating ØSupplier, Pro…